Use of Deadly Force Seminars

Use of Deadly Force Seminars

Col. Jeff Cooper once said: “never assume that simply having a gun makes you a marksman. You are no more armed because you are wearing a pistol than you are a musician because you own a guitar”. Col. Cooper was talking about the necessity of training. I believe that just knowing how to use deadly force still does not prepare one for the possible aftermath of such an event.

Just as a person who chooses to possess a firearm for self-defense should seek training in its use, so should they seek knowledge of when and where deadly force can be used. They should also be aware of the possible consequences. When the trigger is depressed, and the hammer falls sending a projectile out the end of the barrel, this is but the beginning, and not an end to the incident. Are you prepared for what comes next?

Jurors have hours, days, or even months to “second guess” your decision. Can you articulate to them what led you to your decision to use deadly force? Can you explain to these jurors, who were not there, about “ability, opportunity, and jeopardy”? Do you know what the “standard of a reasonable man” is? Can you document your knowledge base prior to the incident?

There are legal repercussions, both criminal and possibly civil. At the scene, were there witnesses and how do you interact with them? What is your responsibility to them? What about your interaction with the responding officers and investigators? You will more than likely be arrested. Then there is the issue of bail. How does one choose an attorney? A large retainer will more than likely be needed.  Do you know the symptoms of post-shooting trauma?

If you cannot answer these questions, then you could be risking everything that you own or could own, when carrying a firearm for self-defense. You could also be risking your freedom and end up incarcerated.

Massad Ayoob of the Lethal Force Institute has certified me as an instructor in the use of deadly force. My classes are taught using the Lethal Force Institute doctrine. These classes are 16 hours in length and include demonstrations, lectures, and videos for consistency. At the end of the course, there is a test. The student is then able to put together a package documenting the course and their knowledge of the subject matter. This package could aid you in your defense in a courtroom situation.  There are no firearms are used in this course of instruction.

This course is open to law enforcement personnel and civilians with proof of no prior criminal history. The course costs $199.00 per person. Class size is limited to a minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 15. I am willing to travel to teach this course. Law enforcement personnel do get a reduction in tuition. Departments wishing on-site instruction are encouraged to inquire.

An investment in this course could possibly save you thousands of dollars and prevent you from doing jail time, with some guy named “Bubba” as a cellmate.

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