Protection Services

“Prevention is always better than cure.”

Executive Protection Specialists

An Executive Protection Specialist (EPS) is not just “hired muscle”, they are highly trained individuals. Trained to avoid rather than confront, but able to respond appropriately when necessary. An EPS must be able to do risk assessments, background checks, routing for travel. Knowledge of first aid and the ability to be trusted with personal information is also necessary. Through investigation, surveillance, and planning, we can help you to avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time. An Executive Protection Specialist can be a valuable asset as part of your security plan.

Under the Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 32, Chapter 24, concerning Private Investigators, Article 1, 32-2401 Definitions, number 16, authorizes Private Investigators under Section C to:  “Investigate threats of violence and provide the service of protection of individuals from serious bodily harm or death.”

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